73-Year-Old Man Beaten By Group Of Men In South LA Attempted Robbery

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A 73-year-old man was recovering Friday after being beaten by a group of men who he said tried to rob him.

Jose Ortiz, 73, suffered multiple injuries to his face and head after being beaten by a group of men who he said tried to rob him. (Credit: Ortiz Family)

“I just think it’s terrible that they do this to an elderly,” Monika Ortiz-Garcia, the victim’s daughter, said. “They can’t defend themselves.”

Ortiz-Garcia struggled to hold back tears as she described seeing her father, Jose Ortiz, after he was brutally attacked in South Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

Ortiz said he was walking near Manchester and Figueroa when three young men tried to rob him then repeatedly punched and kicked him before fleeing. He suffered injuries to his eye, a broken nose and had several other bruises from the attack.

“He was just hoping that they wouldn’t keep hitting on him, that they would stop,” Ortiz-Garcia said, translating for her father.

Ultimately, the men left empty handed because Ortiz chains his wallet to his pants before sticking it in his pocket. He said his phone was safely secured as well.

Despite being violently beaten, Ortiz was able to call his daughter and tell her to call for help.

“For nothing, they almost pretty much killed him,” Ortiz’s other daughter Mari said. “It could have been worse.”

Ortiz, who is retired, was recovering at home, but said he was afraid to walk in his own neighborhood, especially since no arrests had been made. He said he wants the men who beat him to be held accountable, partly so they will not attack another unsuspecting person.

“He’s saying for them to not keep doing that to people, especially older people, because you’re not taking into consideration what the consequences are going to be afterward, you know,” Ortiz-Garcia said, again translating for her father.